My new music video, made in KnP

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Dear dears,

A much-needed change of pace and atmosphere here on my end, I have just published an animated video, all animations made in Klik N Play, for my lo-fi casio punk song. It is nonsense but funny at times I think. Enjoy! And if you like my music I have 54 albums available for download / purchase, links are in the video description.


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Is any of this style of music going to be in your game?

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Hey, thanks for taking your

Hey, thanks for taking your time to check out my tunes! Well Poor Thing is going to be gloomy A.F. so no way would my happy casio tunes be an appropriate background music. Secrets of the 45 or Everywhere Kingdom would be more suitable. But do not think for a moment that I will not make use of this vast virtual world I am making, to plug some of my other stuff!

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Wait, do not...that I will

Wait, do not...that I will not... no it checks out.

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I really wish I could play

I really wish I could play this, like it was a quick WarioWare-like set of microgames!

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Well actually all the

Well actually all the animations are saved under one game file, each animation being one stage, but all you can do is skip between frames with your arrow keys, not much interactivity...sorx