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Anyone up for another community event/jam soon?

MMF3 is coming and it's an exciting time for Clickteam. However, I just heard that Francois is no longer part of the team. Apparently this happened a while ago but it hasn't been made big news on their site, somewhat understandably. Still, I feel there's something missing if we don't do something as a community to say thanks for all the years of AMOS, Klik & Play, The Games Factory and so on.

Francois basically came up with the idea for the event editor and continued working on it with Yves until they had a product that would give us creative kids something to live out our dreams of being game creators. I spent hours in Klik & Play and it's hard to imagine what I would've done with the time I spent with CT's products had they never existed.

Could we organise an event here with this in mind? Summer is coming up so I've been thinking of kicking something off then.