an average life

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This is an accurate description of an average life from birth to death. We leave all interpretation to the viewers.

Sergio Cornaga & rhetoricstu
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grim game !

grim game !

grim game !

grim game !

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nice game

The effect that dreams have in this game is interesting... crawling back into bed returns the main character to the womb, and daydreaming at school turns them back into sperm. I guess being in bed is similar to being in the womb. The warmth and security of bed corresponds to the physical space of the womb, and the infinite possibilities of a dream corresponds to the unborn baby's future life. In this game, you can stave off death by continuing to dream, be born, and go back to sleep, but then you deny yourself an ending.

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the part about denying

the part about denying yourself an ending is interesting because death is the only thing that truly ends a life.

And yet it can be said that nothing really ends, it merely transforms! Perhaps even the universe reboots itself after thermal death, as the quantum... things... i forget what it's called. Vacuum energy.


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The art is really nice and

The art is really nice and picking out moments to include in something of a large scope such as a lifetime is evokative.