therein lies

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My attempt at an abstract flickgame.

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An event


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It's very pretty. I like how

It's very pretty.
I like how the sense of scale starts as either very large, or very small for me; but then I felt that the scale isn't relevant to size, but instead to definition of patterns. I played this right after _Getting the best photo_ and the two games felt similar to me. I liked focusing in order to find defined patterns.

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Beautiful! Kinda fractal

Beautiful! Kinda fractal like!

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the changes

I really like the patterns in this. It has the feeling of moving in and out, microscopic then telescopic. The first page looked so similar to when I had to look for nematodes on a plate under a microscope

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pretty! it may sound dumb,


it may sound dumb, but the contrast between your screenshot on this page and the first screen of the game was really striking - I really liked the transition.

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very pretty. feels

very pretty. feels elemental, like watching the universe on a massive scale, or subatomic particles.

it must have been tough to do some of that pixel work. good job!