my time at bar

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i made this for the flick of the month i hope this upload form works : )

i went for a walk because my house was hot
and i ended up at a bar
and i drank and took some pictures (digital and mental)
and i made this about the happen

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I know feels as if I was

I now feel as if I was with you on your walk.
Your camera perspectives were visually exciting. I like the possibility that you see things this way as you walk down the street. I've taken a few pictures of power-poles myself; I identify.

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all of the cool perspectives were just trying to emulate cool / mundane shots i took on a phone
anyone can do it! anyone, get to it.. gimme the games..

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loved the camera angles.

loved the camera angles. gave me the feeling of being on a walk (the bar bit/poop bit at the start/end didn't do much for me by comparison - I'd've been very happy with just the walk bit stretched out a little more)

great <3


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(with respect to your

(with respect to your agency, I'll predict that if you did a tidied up version I could see it doing the rounds and being enjoyed by a bunch of people :) )

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thanks for playing and commenting! this is delighting me

I'm going to leave this one as is but I enjoyed drawing it and so I'll probably make another one today or tomorrow after I go for another walk. There's a bunch of exciting views that I want to posterize..

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My favorite screen was the

My favorite screen was the one with the power lines against the sky. I also take pictures of things like that on my cell phone. I wonder if that's like a really common thing to do, but no one ever talks about it.

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i just started doing it! its

i just started doing it! its been a real swell way to look at/for things

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I'm trying to think of

I'm trying to think of something that I associated with my interest in taking pictures of powerlines. I associate it with walking in the woods behind a big-box store until I find a camp and get scared and run away. I also associate it with finding openings to storm-water drainage 5-feet wide and climbing into them until I get freaked out. I guess I associate it with intentionally exploring my routine paths to turn my situation into something interesting rather than optimized. I don't do much of this stuff anymore.