"I Let The Sunglasses Do The Talking"

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"i can see you
but you can't see me, baby
my face obscured by the shadows

i can watch you
undetected, baby
and i know you'll never knowwwwwww"

-sunglasses man

(I changed it a tiiiny bit... here's the original if you're curious: http://www.flickgame.org/play.html?p=08ea1ab6a65e182f41ee)

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An event


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So good. I like how the

So good.
I like how the color palette seems inspired by the theme.

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The downfall of being cool?

The downfall of being cool?

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art style

I really enjoyed the art style in this game.
It was pretty funny.

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top notch!

top notch!

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made me feel slightly sad

made me feel slightly sad :(

poor chap

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yeah he's definitely a

yeah he's definitely a lonely guy. seems like he lives alone and he probably doesn't have any close friendships. that's why his perception of human interaction is so weird. but you have to respect his commitment, at least.

I'd uhh

I'd go with everyone else is, and as it hits close to home with me sometimes trying to relay a message to the world it usually bounces back. You have to stop and question if it's you, or if it's everyone else. In this case I'm gonna go with the idea that it's everyone else. The clerks could have done a better job. And of course, I'm assuming he'll do the same thing tomorrow. I'm hoping they'll warm up to the idea of communicating with a stare and see eye to eye, or eye to shade on this situation. Otherwise he can totally go elsewhere.

I'll do a separate kick here

Cuz it was off the chain woo! The art style is phenomenal and I just wanted a more and more. This story's so cool. What happens next or prior? The art's breathtaking. It makes me wish it'll communicate with my scanner or something cuz the moment I'm on non-irl paper I get looooost... like loot but with an st at the end instead of just a t. I suppose I am okay in coloring in stuff I've scanned in, but it's aaahahhhhaaard. You got it down and conveyed the message seen here and it's a universal message on how cool sunglasses can be.

I generally don't wear sunglasses outside of aesthetic and usually just stick with 3d glasses because this world's so 2 dimensional sometimes, that and I don't want to make my eyeballs sensitive without em. Only like if I'm having eyesight problems will I generally switch over. But yeah, yellow shades are kinda cool too cuz they brighten up stuff. There was even an as seen on TV where you can see more with yellow shades. I don't know if that's truth or not but again, I don't sport the aviators.

BUT THIS GENT DOES! And hats and shades off to him for it. pip now!