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Game file is 545k, Spent a good chunk of time on it. Some drawing with a mouse, some drawing with a tablet. Here's a more relevant image to the game, an alt if you will as well as the original if you must:

Do check out the Delegathls Official Accompaniment Guide if you feel a little lost or just want more extras. My imaginary crowdfunding reached the appropriate goal and these are the awards for early adopters. Also included is an official OST. I could link to those too individually but you can scroll down if you want jams and tunes made by buffoons which may or may not be appropriate with the included adventure. It is your choice how to enjoy it.

Enough with the introductions and start checking out the doors if you wish. You don't have to. Glance at the Delegathls Official Accompaniment Guide though if you've got time. I spent longer on it than the game. The glasses and vases and cat aren't me though. That's from the clipart gallery of ascii in the program jave5.

Drawn using engine thing.

Yeah you, you groovy outlet you!

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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Thanks for putting up all

Thanks for putting up all this music and art.

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So glad

I'm so glad I told you about flickgame in gchat that one time. You've been killin' it.