Chicken Wizard

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I wasn't sure where to submit this. so i'll just lay a huge fart in your event shall it

... It's not even Mayo anymore...

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An event


This one's kinda cool

Hearing voices of eggman in the background, this one's kinda cool. A bit short. I like the attack scheme. This is much of a lot of fun.

Thanks for posting it to my event. That alone I'd say is worth at least a play and a comment. I try to give a little bit of feedback when someone pops in and posts it. May have taken me a while to reply, but that's the time sentence.

But yeah, the answer is wherever you want. If you want to move it around even to event like a caravan or leave it, it's cool either way. But yeah, I'd like to extend a thumbs up for the game and etc mainly because you've been about in the past and you can tell us about the before times as if we weren't around to experience them or something, like you have something we haven't figured out yet. Or at least I'm speaking for myself, *I* I guess.

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thanks man. feedback is

thanks man. feedback is always good