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The most fun ever!

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nice one !

nice one !

Wow, that's a killer debut

BAM outta nowhere. I really like this one. It's almost perfect. There's so much insanity and focus and you feel for all the characters. There's an oddity and discomfort in some spots. Solid composition, good aftertaste. The title speaks what it is. Congratulations.

I don't have any more depth and insight to say in this sypnosis / breakdown so i dunno, here's some variegated alts to make up for it. Hope not to offend with it. I like the whole look and flow of everything. Keep up the good work.

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Hey! Oh man, LOVE the "variegated alts"!!! Thanks for your review.

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Love the characters. The

Love the characters. The button system you've introduced is really intuitive.

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Hey, Thanks!

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Cool man. I like that these

Cool man. I like that these guys piss each other off all the time, but they're still friends. Really funny and well conceived.

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haha, totally. Maybe they're

haha, totally. Maybe they're sadomasochists?

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I like how it each choice of

I like how it each choice of whether to be mean or nice is uncorrealated to the other choices. The game expresses the freedom that forgiveness allows (pleasant and unpleasant).

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Killer point!

I like that you think about it as active forgiveness and not just a comic/cartoon cliche of just re-starting every episode as if nothing had happened in the last one. Or is that what forgiveness is?

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the sequel

The sequel is my favorite flick game to date. The yes/ no is the perfect amount of decision for me, because on some flick games the amount of choices on things to click can feel overwhelming to me. Or maybe it was not the amount of choices, but having a feeling of knowing where you are going to go with the click. I am not sure. I loved seeing the outcome to both options, even though I knew it was going to be happy= good outcome sad= bad outcome it was still exciting to see the actual result. The map was genius.

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hey thanks! Yeah, part of

hey thanks! Yeah, part of what's great about a lot of other flickgames is their chaos and that's the strength of the medium that it really caters to a wild unexpected ride but then simultaneously demands really concise binary stories to be told.

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It was so nice

I really liked it. Thank you for this.

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