My 2 Games now in 32 Bit versions, playable on new computers!

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Dear All,

Thanks to our own tremendous Sergio Cornaga I was finally able to make playable standalones of Storm Is Coming and Le Sunset Salto. They should run on new systems, as opposed to the old 16 bit versions.

Enjoy, spread the word, let me know if they work.

Storm Is Coming (2009):
You are in a grassy valley where your happiness seems to be going to last forever except that the storm is going to begin as soon as the song ends - and flood the whole valley. To avoid that, you are going to need help of three animals. Two different endings (apart from death obv)

Le Sunset Salto (2010):
The sun is going down, this is going to be your last salto of the cliff. But when you go under, everything is different; everything becomes an adventure in this magical hour. There are 8 different endings. Mermaids, Octopodes, Jellyfish, a Whale, Sunken Ship, Crabs, a Fisherman, an island with palmtrees.

EDIT: Bug fixed, updated version posted. Thanks Sergio, as always!
EDIT 2: Octopus Bug Fixed in LSS, Room leaving fixed in SIC, updated versions posted.
EDIT 3: Achievement screen fixed.
EDIT 4: Achievement screen now really fixed.
EDIT 5: Achievement screen now really really fixed.
EDIT 6: Achievement screen cleaned up and hints hopefully fixed.
EDIT 7: Rock clipping bug and bottom transition from the fisherman fixed.

Storm Is Coming 32 Bit (Jan Strach).rar7.29 MB
Le Sunset Salto 32 Bit (Jan Strach) 1.0.7.zip917.43 KB


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Great! Thanks!

Great! Thanks!

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Hey, it is a pleasure! I

Hey, it is a pleasure! I hope you like them. Making the first one took three days, making the second one took three months, making Poor Thing has already been taking 5 years...I really have to pull myself together and get on with it, I already have so many new game ideas!

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These are so neat to replay. I'm going for all the endings in Le Sunset Salto again.

If you felt like attaching these to an event (I know everythingstaken is a big advocate of this) might I suggest the Good Gam Jam? As highly stylised/polished/unique klik games I feel they'd be a good fit, and it would allow them to be played with GLORIOUSTRAINWRECKS.EXE.

Also, I think after doing TGF conversion you don't need to include the KNP dlls any more.

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Hey Sergio, I was just

Hey Sergio, I was just talking about you in the post above! Oh, I guess you know.

I resubmitted the games for the good gam, but isn't it cheating? They weren't made specifically for the event, I created them ages ago as you know. But I would love them to be played by as many people as possible, OBVIOUSLY

As for the KNP dlls obviously you're right, just needed the cncs32. I guess I did it out of habit - well, it won't hurt I guess, I don't think it makes much sense now to resubmit everything just to remove these files from each zip?

And thanks again man! I have a thank you present for you in store but it is going to take some more time.

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Personally, I'm unsure if

Personally, I'm unsure if you really can cheat on this site, since the events are all for fun. Maybe falafel will chime in with support or rejection.

I don't think resubmitting just to remove some tiny dlls would make sense either, it's just for future reference I guess. Though I think I've found a bug in the mermaid scene of Le Sunset Salto that might warrant resubmission: after coming back to the mermaid with the mirror, the animation of her waking up seems to loop and trap the player? Let me know if it's just me experiencing this. That endless player duplication bug from the original KNP version is still present, too.

Aw, have I really done enough to warrant a present? Well, I certainly won't turn it down... take as long as you need.

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Goddamit I forgot about that

Goddamit I forgot about that bug!!! It was so long ago. I fixed it now and replaced the file. Could you check if that level is ok now? Some sound might have disappeared around that area of the game, but I can't do much about it and at least it does not hinder gameplay.

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Bug Report 2

I managed to make it through that level and finish the game, but I did run into a few further difficulties. The octopus knocked me out of the level a couple of times (triggered by swimming past it with the fish, hitting a wall to the right and bouncing back to the left). Also, the achievements screen doesn't seem to be working any more, as clicking names I think should be correct just sends me back to the title screen.

Storm is Coming also has a minor bug (not sure if it was in the KNP version) where it's possible to jump through the invisible wall on the left.

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Achievements work, I was

Achievements work, I was just being a dick and some words are with exclamations and some without. I will get to the octopus thing now, and storm also.

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Looking over my old post,

Looking over my old post, the octopus thing was an old bug as well. I remember the exclamation point trick, but clicking the correct words - any of them - really doesn't work for me.

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Ok, I know what happened but

Ok, I know what happened but I don't know why - the markers shifted in the 32 bit version. I will upload the corrected version tomorrow. Man I did not do my homework on that one before posting it, did I :( Lesson learned.

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Ok fixed! Let me know if it

Ok fixed! Let me know if it is fine now. I found a quick workaround which hopefully will be enough to make it work.

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Your workaround worked! For

Your workaround worked! For most computers, at least (I'll get into this soon). You've been amazingly quick with these fixes, especially considering the age of the game. I'm really impressed!

For a few people, clicking the text might still not work. This is because of a separate issue, one possibly too obscure and annoying for you to bother with. It's more of an issue with klik games in general. I think it stems from the following: font size in klik games is linked to Windows' DPI scaling settings, so on any computer set up to have larger text (usually for accessibility reasons), klik games' text will often move around and sometimes get cut off by bounding boxes.

Here are screenshots (spoilers, y'all) of how text-heavy screens from the game look when Windows is set to 125% DPI (Maybe, this is from memory... I think this is one of three settings, with 100% and 150% being the others). As you can see, some things probably aren't where you'd like them. The only solution I know of for this (other folks, please chime in if you know better than me) is to use images of text instead of text, and use oversized text boxes when you can't be bothered doing that. You could consider using a screenshot of the text for at least the achievements clicking screen, just to lessen the chance of it messing up for anyone.

I'll totally understand if you want to call it a day and leave this as is. You've done so much good work already, I have no idea how many people this could even potentially affect, and again, it's a problem with potentially every klik game, not just yours. I just thought you might like to be aware of it.

salto-textbug.png79.21 KB
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Aaaagh Christ almighty. For

Aaaagh Christ almighty. For achievement screen this will work, but what should I do with the screens where there is text appearing and disappearing, I would have to make a screenshot of each text paragraph and make it an active object! I may tinker with the achievements but I will leave the rest as is...Poor Thing is waiting.

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Ok done.

Ok done.

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Oops, I just discovered a

Oops, I just discovered a little bug on the achievements screen. You can click the same word repeatedly to decrement the number. This will be the last thing I report, I swear.

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No no no, keep'em coming!

No no no, keep'em coming! :D

Should be fixed now.

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Keeping 'em coming

On the achievement clicking screen, a stray text box ("Underwater" etc.) still needs to be deleted as it's causing some visual issues.

I've also noticed that a few text boxes seem to be immune from size increase, like the hint text for the whale (as seen in the screenshot, it looks as it should). If there's anything special going on for the font options in that one, I'd suggest trying to copy it to the other text objects to see if it resolves the issue. I already tried duplicating the object in TGF and changing the text with good results, but there might be an easier way from your end? Feel free to PM me builds and I'll tell you if it fixes things. Currently, the hint screen is readable but the step by step walkthrough is a bit messed up (especially with the clickable areas being in unexpected places).

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Hi sergio, I won't be able

Hi sergio, I won't be able to do anything today but tomorrow I should be able to correct this. Thanks for your help!

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Okay, I tried re-setting the

Okay, I tried re-setting the font in all the hint screens in TGF. Maybe it will work. Could you let me know? I uploaded the (hopefully) fixed version now.

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It did work! Everything is

It did work! Everything is fixed except for the numbers on the walkthrough, which I'm guessing you just forgot about? It messes up where you click a little so I think it warrants fixing in the same manner. I'm so glad we reached a solution for this weird bug, and I'm very appreciative of your efforts!

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Fixed! Phew! Thank you so

Fixed! Phew! Thank you so much.

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Just confirming that it

Just confirming that it seems virtually perfect now. Thanks for persisting. Sorry that my screenshot advice turned out to be a bit of a dud, but I suppose it's still a method which ensures as little as possible can go wrong. I've spread the word. I wish you luck keeping up momentum with Poor Thing!

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Aw dude you're being too

Aw dude you're being too nice. And the screenshots were a great idea, I was able immediately to see what the problem was. Actually I felt so confident about the game that I have put it up on gamejolt a couple of days ago! And some people like it! Working on Poor Thing at least 1 hour a day now, will be posting an update sometime in August.

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I liked these games a lot!

I liked these games a lot! There was so much attention to detail. I'm excited for Poor thing!

I found another small bug in Le Sunset Salto. After escaping from the Mermaid cave, and before getting the coin underneath the shipwreck, I was able to go to the screen with the crab and somehow clip through the rock and grab that coin early. That brought me to the congratulations screen without me having to get the first coin at all.

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Hi fivehat, thank you! And

Hi fivehat, thank you! And thanks for the nice words on gamejolt as well! I'm glad you enjoyed it and man do I have to deliver on Poor Thing now with all the followers and stuff! The pressure is real! Haha. But as for the bug, was it a one time thing or would you be able to recreate it? Do you remember at what angle / direction you approached the rock? I've been banging my head on it like an idiot for a few minutes now but keep bouncing back!

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Yeah, I just figured out how

Yeah, I just figured out how to replicate it!

1) Escape from the mermaid's cave.
2) Scare away all the fish so that the fisherman moves.
3) Go to the screen with the crab and the rock.
4) You seem to be able to just clip right through the rock.

So the problem only seems to happen when you get the fisherman to move before you get the coin in the shipwreck.

Hope that helps!

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Yeah you're right! Thanks

Yeah you're right! Thanks for pointing this out. I'm going to work on it right now.

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Ok, I think I fixed it! I

Ok, I think I fixed it! I uploaded the new version here, see if it works when you have the time. If it's ok I will post it on gamejolt as well.

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An additional thing: if I

An additional thing: if I recall correctly, while on the screen with the fisherman, if you swim down you just disappear off the edge rather than going to the screen below.

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That's right too! Man, still

That's right too! Man, still a lot of fixing. I will work on it today.

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I think I fixed it! Let me

I think I fixed it! Let me know if it works for you now. And thank you again, as always, so much for your help!