Le Sunset Salto

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Le Sunset Salto.

Originally created in 2010.

The sun is setting, this is going to be your last salto of the cliff. But when you dive, the adventure only begins! Free a mermaid, feed a whale, fight an octopus, avoid the jellyfish, help the fisherman, find the treasure. 8 possible endings, and plenty of hints if you are not sure what is going on. And custom midi music!

Jan Strach
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I liked the style and

I liked the style and atmosphere. My favorite level is the first one.

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Wait, do you mean first level as the one underwater, or the first level where you are jumping off the cliff? My favorite would be with the shipwreck and octopus and flat fishes - a lot of work but looks really nice, and there's a silhouette of a whale cruising at a distance!

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I mean the diving scene. I

I mean the diving scene.
I noticed the whale on my 5th or 6th playthrough of level 3. The whale is a noce touch. I like how the screen is often divided up with a few geometric shapes and how the pixel dithering make different parts (like the whale) seem like it is part of the same layer of material.

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Thanks for your detailed

Thanks for your detailed insight! I'm big on atmosphere and spend countless hours only to add some little touches here and there only because they bring nice feeling. The first screen was actually the vision that made me do this game. Just a powerful picture that appeared in my mind of a jumper on a cliff, ready to jump, surrounded by sunset. And I went from there!