Eat The Poison -2: A Cumstain On The Face Of Humanity: The End of A Cycle

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a hopefully moderately interesting game made with stencyl

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An event


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I hadn't played previous

I hadn't played previous entries in the series, posting here gave me a chance to discover them. I think the second was my favourite, it had a really stellar central concept. This third one mostly disturbed me on some deep level, starting with the transformation sequence. The conversation immediately after that did seem to contain the kind of honesty I find really interesting in games, though.

By the way, the puzzle at the end is deemed complete if one character passes over the square while the other is in place, but since it's a pretty frustrating puzzle this is a bug I'd rather not see fixed (if it is a bug at all).

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that was unintended, i guess

that was unintended, i guess i won't fix it, then. the puzzle starts out with these random 3 movement patterns for the two things, so sometimes it's easy and sometimes difficult. the way this thing is set up, having two of them is kind of redundant, i had a slightly different idea where it was less redundant, where one would have a limited number of moves before it would switch, and one couldn't switch before then. it doesn't really work very well, but i wanted to try it. i'm glad you enjoyed it somewhat and found out about my little series thing, that's just my little weird exploation of vaguely related ideas that somehow interest me. maybe if i do some more things, i'd have some sort of plot continuity, i liked where this one was going for me.

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I liked the overall feel of the game a lot. It felt squishy and uncomfortable. I liked that you were walking through this very strange world, talking to weird looking characters, but they were saying very intelligible, relatable things.

I got stuck at the puzzle where you're trying to turn off the radio, though. It actually felt super frustrating after a while and I rage-quit :)