New Knytt Stories level: At the Zoo

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at the zoo info final.png

I donated a custom Knytt Stories level to Spring Thing this year, and now, a few months after the comp finished, the level is done. Special thanks to B Minus Seven for picking the prize!

Anyway, At the Zoo is about Juni searching for her friends at, well, the zoo. It's a pretty short piece (only twenty screens) and there are no challenging bits. Instead it's focused around atmosphere and little overheard snatches of dialogue. Give it a try, I bet you'll like it!

(Music is a shortened version of this track.)

Healy - At the Zoo version 1.0.knytt_.bin3.59 MB


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I really like your

I really like your environmental Knytt Stories!

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Thanks! I really like making

Thanks! I really like making them.