Life, death and mushrooms

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a surreal exploration game, contains blood, so beware !

Made For: 
An event


This is probably my favorite one of yours in flickgame

I really like the exploration and the concept that there are 2 ways to go and both of them are grim. The overall look is kinda nice. Has a good flow to it overall. If you're in the right mindset there is a good shock factor in it. Like if I was going to explain what flickgame was and not overshock the potential, I'd use this as an example, and have before. There are other examples of what to do to woo people, as ... well, not opposed to this. this is just executed quite well and there's a little tenacity and flow in there that makes it special, as in you're part of the equation, and there's room for more but I mean, as where it stands it's a g00d adventure, and obviously replayable at least once. There's something strange about it that makes you play it again to uhh, acknowledge what happened to it, or with it. That's where I don't know if we're at, but I'm at. And that's what I like about it. Congratulations.

thanks :)

thanks :)