Forgettable Rainbows


Here it is, at the icebox event, here is UN... well, FORGETTABLE RAINBOWS. I posted this on the networks a bit earlier right before some commitments and yeah, if you missed it, here's the official writeup.. I wanted to make a cool irc-style ascii art for it, so there's that.. And I wanted to make a description, there's that. If approved by EIT I'll probably move it over to kotm,fotmf event for showcasting there. I really did have a lot of fun with this one and think the narrative works well with the subject matter. ONWARD TO THE SHOW:

Welcome to unforgettable rainbows, where you learn a little bit more about me...

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or not, enjoy!


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A flickgame outside of the

A flickgame outside of the Flik of the Month event? What madness is this?

Oh, just shamelessly plugging an old dead event.

You know the drill. If everythingistaken wants, I'll probably move the guy over to his event eventually. Showcasing. Think of it like, a purgatory where it hasn't decided where to go.. It's.. on ice. Cuz in a way it almost belongs in both kotm 97 and 96 too, since forgettable rainbows is a summer theme since rainbows are more focused on spring, and by summer it's so hot you could in theory forget about them. I forgot to add a soundtrack to this one too.

Come to think of it, I'm on the edge on where Delegation Hybrid Layers goes as well. That might be the next one I'll put on ice. 2012 is 20today after all.

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had a pretty lovely and

had a pretty lovely and fluid time flicking through all the scenes until i got to the end. pleasant!