Bored River


The River is bored. Can it be appeased?

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Wow, oh Wow!

K, this I think is one of my favorite flicks and totally my favorite flick made by you. It has a bit of what I really liked about Getting the best photo by capt_haistings as in it has this "minipulated object" feel rather than a space or an environment really. It feels like a specific UI for a specific toy or situation. I really enjoy the parts that feel like animations, like the Lazy river where you are just making the character bob up and down and the different colored stripe sort of section. I am not quite sure what this game is about other than maybe water or chilling near a swimming hole, but I feel like it doesn't matter that I completely get it. Your games have a great "random" quality where the things I see feel random in a way, but in the way where I can tell that it isn't random to you. It seems like you just have a logic that I have to figure out or you have some sort of hidden logic to how everything works. Like, why is this about rivers? I don't know. Why am I controlling these different aspects? I don't know. I feel like you get it though, you understand. That's all that matters. These drawings are also great. I like this sort of sparse look of just using the most thin line tool. I like it, I'll give it a high score!

I made it for petjam

I kept seeing the #petjam tag and asked what it was, and I found this: And thought up a river ui... I kind of just simply grinded all of thursday morning. It wasn't the best idea because of the way I'm scheduled and the lack of sleep as a result, but I suppose it ended up looking the way I wanted it to look and I'd call it time worth spending.

I still consider Delegation Hybrid Layer$ my best work just cuz I spent a relaxed chunk of time on it, just kinda chillin and drawing, and then scrounged up all the dvd extra features to try to tie it all in together, but it's a different flow entirely. I might some day brush up on the concept of the art gallery game.. I probably got the idea from listening to that mp3 talkie on the internet about your games. the section after your games.. Can't remember.. Art gallery, the game. but it's a different flow entirely.

But yeah, I kinda thought "what if this whole river could be the pet ui interface?" and I went with that Fun Fun Fun series style ui with actual buttons. I didn't expect to do the makeshift animation... where it introduces the concept of whatever it is, and then the following 2 frames loop, but in my sleep deprived state it seemed a good approach. I regret the button placement where start and end are in between the duo of action buttons, but I mean, it was an impulse game anyway and there wasn't too much harm. For the most part it just kind of fell into place and with a little bit more of time and dedication someone in the future might riff on it and do something even more theatrical.

A lot of the stuff, I did put some thought process into. Like the "thief" section, the character believed rod minus string = fish. Drink rhymes with thief. I thought it would be silly for the concept of giving a river drinks of inebriation, or that there is a brand of beer that just says EAR on it. The directions I thought would be zanier with magical arrows like those puzzle games have.. That's filler puzzle mechanic, following arrows.. And I'm sure there's more I could recollect. Oh! the lies.. I wanted to make it so instead of lying to the river, you'd just lie in it like a float or something. Cuz with all the other words you'd think it would be about lying to it. As far as dye, it's juut a throwback to an old game I spent years on. It's a blueprint to what I do now, but biggery projectey. I'll just include the screencap in attachments.

Thanks for the vote of support. I'll try to do my best. -b

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the part with the purple and

the part with the purple and brown is kind of intense visually