Pineapple (knytt stories level)

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after deciding to revive the knytt of the month klub, despite never having made a knytt stories level, i was inspired to make a little one before i went to sleep. This was made before the jam. It's maybe a little lazy, but it was still fun to make, i spent 2-3 hours on it

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I risk overhyping something

I risk overhyping something that's obviously quick and rough here, but this level is ridiculous and amazing. It led me to question virtually all my beliefs about good level design. One specific part (which I won't mention for the sake of spoilers, but it seems mandatory for completing the level so people should figure out what I'm talking about) gave me this moment of realization that reframed my entire experience with the level. A fresh/outsider perspective can be so good sometimes...

Oh, also! Put this in the Knytt of The Month Klub #9 event. Just do it! It will mean people who use GLORIOUSTRAINWRECKS.EXE can load it directly through there, and I generally feel like it deserves to be attached to it even if it wasn't created strictly during the set time period.

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Im guessing you are talking

Im guessing you are talking about the part where you have to intentionally wallswim, move to the other side of the wall and then climb up from there? Things like does indeed make you want to start using glitches as if they were legit mechanics. Overall, This reminds of the few levels i tried to make before i even knew there was a Nifflas Forum.
Also, you get extra points for at least trying to use a Nurykabe tileset. Which you inmediately lose for putting that one Knytt on the water, just close enough to make you think you can survive and hear her talk if you make a good jump, But too far to actually make it.

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It's not necessary to

It's not necessary to wallswim anywhere to complete the level, though i did try to make a little joke about it in the green block that's next to where you can get stuck and start wallswimming, and the a thing in the place that'bottom left of the starting area, though that wasn't wallswimming, just fake walls. i was thinking of trying to use wallswimming as a mechanic later when i was making this, but here i wasn't trying to in this level. which area are you talking about? i was thinking of redoing it and making it that so you can talk to the knytt, but i think i might as well leave the little place like it is.

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I was talking about exactly

I was talking about exactly that! It turns out you don't actually have to do it that way though, so I'm interested how many players take the same approach.

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I didn't win the same way

I didn't win the same way you did.

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i'm not entirely sure what

i'm not entirely sure what you saw, but thanks! if you were talking about the same thing as firecat, could you tell me which place you were talking about? if it was the place with the green block, that's not necessary, but it was intentional, as well as the thing in the bottom left of the starting area. If it's neither of those, then i'd love it if you could tell me here or on twitter at terrytheplatypu, because i'm not entirely sure what you mean.spoiler text in between

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I dug this mechanic. It was

I dug this mechanic. It was my frist time using Knytt and I stumbled upon it too and made it a section in my game. I actually while playing it the first time through didn't really do it, I just went around doing the other stuff because I was naturally like, oh, I'm not supposed to do this until I read the comments. I like the idea of seeing more stuff like this.