Mystery Island v1.1


Mystery Island is a small to medium level with flowers and dragonflies. Getting all the items is tricky, and the overall skill is hard.

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Good work! Unfortunately,

Good work! Unfortunately, full stops in directory names are banned, so the 1.1 results in the level being blocked from installing. There's a trick you can do with a hex editor which meant I was able to install it anyway, but you'll need to update the directory name again in order for most people to play it. I'd suggest doing away with the version number in the directory name entirely, if you just have it in the World.ini title but call the directory 'RelicShine - MysteryIsland', it means every time you release an update the game will offer to overwrite the old version while installing, which is handy. Although I doubt there will be updates after this one, but it's good to keep in mind for future levels.

I love what you've done here, especially all the little extra areas. I miss the original enemy from x998y1004 a bit, even though it was pretty cheap that running away from it in the wrong direction would doom you, it felt very good to avoid it once without the high jump and then again with it. Your change makes sense, though, and has far less potential for frustration.

Lastly, I'm afraid you've introduced a new wallswim in the right wall connecting x997y1004 to x997y1005. Once you've fixed that I'd recommend posting the level to Nifflas' Support Forum too as I feel it will go down well there.


thankyou once again, luckily trainwrecks allows revision of uploads. it was quick to fix, but i'm definitely keeping that enemy in the new configuration because dead ends aren't cool.

*fixed full stop
*fixed wallswim, tell me if you find more

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There's no download at all

There's no download at all now!

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This is indeed a very

This is indeed a very elaborated level for such a short time in the making. Congrats!

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this was too hard for me,

this was too hard for me, but I suck at games.