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A short, very dumb, environmental/playground type level for Knytt Stories.

WARNING: contains tomatoes and cringeworthy dialogue.

Version 2 adds two new areas and a secret quest.

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That was cute. One line in

That was cute. One line in particular made me laugh out loud.
How do you make the tomatoes bouncy?

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Thanks! Glad you liked it

Thanks! Glad you liked it :D

You can make any block bouncy by putting Object #1 in Bank #16 (Invisible) over it.

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toe may toe

With environmental exploration Knytts there are so many and not many of them are super interactive which I think is a bit of a problem. I think just sort of the funny game feel, very tactile and kind of jokey nature that you can just jump on tomatoes is pretty great and brings this exploration to life with a little bit of interaction.

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All the red in this level

All the red in this level makes it feel a little nightmarish to me. Like rivers of blood.

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The terrible truth

It's actually the blood of all the tomatoes fallen in the Great Salad War, which is taking place up there. They fought valiantly, but the combined forces of the lettuce and onion alliance were just too much. I just didn't have the heart to tell you.

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I like the new additions!

I like the new additions! Especially the 'obscure method', that really caught me off guard.

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Thanks for playing the new

Thanks for playing the new version! I had a lot of fun adding all that extra stuff.


i was freestlyin' on dem tomatoes