Daughetr Of The Frog Giant

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My first Knytt Stories Game. Game Jams are so helpful to me. It makes me execute something rather than just testing indefinitely.

Also, She wasn't intended to be able to run. I kept deselecting the run ability in "Set Start Pos" but it never took.

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I really like the way you

I really like the way you managed to do some sort of animation at the end. As some used to "Quality" releases of KS levels, It comes off as a rather inventive way of doing things.
Also, i find it curious how Juni fears making his father dissapointed. But when you actually get to him hes overjoyed just to see her again. It feels like it tells so much about their Father/Daughter relationship with so little.

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Haven't played yet...

...but you spelled daughter wrong in the page title (but seemingly not in the level itself).

Also, to set starting powers, you need to select the ones you want on, but then click on the level itself to place Juni there. Your choices aren't saved until you click on the level. You can click on the spot where she already is if you want.

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Thanks. I'll use that tip

I'll use that tip in the future.

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Yeah, I like how your games have been pretty short and simple with a little innovation. You don't ever get stuck anywhere, it's nice. I need to take a like lesson from these because I like them so much.

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That was pretty funny. Also,

That was pretty funny. Also, like Firecat, this is the first time I've seen a wallswim error being used to implement a full-screen animation. Very neat idea!

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Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the comments. I love getting attention.