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I did the bulk of this the night of Flik of The Month Flub #1, but put aside finishing it until the day after because the art was so much work. Then I got sick for a week, crushing my plans. I only ended up finishing it today.

Colour scheme drawn from "I Let The Sunglasses Do The Talking", then ruined by adding additional colours.

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An event


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Cool! This is deff one of the most "professional" looking Fliks that I have seen. I also really appreciate the pun. Very solid! I would love to see 1,000,000 more like this. I feel like there needs to be a mod of flickgame where you can have a whole bunch more screens, though I like the forced limitation because it encourages things to be short and sweet and made quickly.

Also great use of the theme! This makes me want to finish up the game I started for this theme. I also got caught up making the art really polished.

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yeah, anti-aliasing and

yeah, anti-aliasing and light is harder, but worth it
even if there wasn't any, it seemed somewhat clear what the game was trying to communicate

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I had to cheat to get into

I had to cheat to get into the safe. It's my fault. I was thinking that flick didn't have the capacity to have an actual sequence-combination.

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I like the mechanism here. I

I like the mechanism here. I can imagine doing this without needing to program every single combination am I right

This is very clever. As soon

This is very clever. As soon as i finished i had to draw a how-did-you-do-it

I also like the art especially the hand art