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From: ghettowreath
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Subject: Re: arg gallery template
Date: Wed, 08/12/2015 - 03:31

man i don't know if i can handle the challenge daggit but i sure will try r.

thanks 4 sending this:

ghettowreath wrote:
http://www.flickgame.org/play.html?p=2f0091e4628b22b4fda4 can you handle the static. Maybe try playing some tunes for inspiration.

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i did a little bit of work thing as result. Anyway it's a template, change it as such & ruruurl if you want... for those that just want to make a simple sample art gallery and just doodle without the thynking.

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Really good idea.

Really good idea.

Thanks, not sure what you're referring to though.

Whether it be the art gallery, the template, the writing private messages to yourself so you can catch links on other machines, or a collection of all those 3, but your support is good. I have an idea for another kinda templatey thing.. Possibly more classact and genericey for the uncommon so/so.

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I like all those ideas, but

I like all those ideas, but the specific one I had in mind was the template, or initial frame with all 16 colours and obvious memorable divisions. If you come up with another template, I'd be keen to see it.

Well, it's a template and a template is a template

but it's here http://www.flickgame.org/play.html?p=f0da2e543ae3e3415a61 ... doesn't look like much, but it links and loops the 4 colors, an animation kinda thing if you will. only as complex as you want the animations to be. I don't know how much potential kinda room there is, but it's a possibility. Maybe tonight I'll click it with my legacy tablet pc device, or maybe I'll wait for someone to tap at its potential. This is only the present. I can't say for certain. Your feedback has fueled this one, though I might have done it anyway.

And remember, animation doesn't have to move. It can still be color replace.


I know, to those who have never flick-gamma-ed before, you might lol that this template doesn't do anything at all and through the editor you'd see all the links.. I kinda wanted to do an oldschool interlaced crt kinda thing, so there's an APPEND template HERE http://www.flickgame.org/play.html?p=dc107152f0c6125cd2a2 and you're thinking "WHO TOO MANY TEMPLATES ( i was supposed to say woh not who)" and you might be right.. but here it shows kinda an interlacey kinda anim... draw over on that maybe? not sure yet. I'd opt to draw frames 1 2 and 3 and make frame 4 same as frame 2.. who knows.. still not complete finishey example for exemplary discretionary discussion YET, so yeah, bear with bare bear till the fair is there.

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Before you edited, I made

Before you edited, I made this version to demonstrate what the template does more clearly. Were all those rows of pixels hard work to pull off, or is there some trick to it?

Here's my own template which people should feel free to use, it's basically just the buttons from nailed it (along with some I got rid of) with some vague suggestions for use. Copy and paste frames around as you see fit.

Those are pretty cool.

I'd have to look at the ui to get a good understanding of it, but that's similar to something i'd think about/consider. There's a good chunk of potential if wanted or needed.

And well, There's a trick to everything. In this case I enabled mousekeys and held down the left mousekeys and drew with the numpad. I'm sure there's an easier way out there, but it was precise enough I guess. Then of course just fill whatever color over the existing lines. It's a kinda pain since the calibration of the cross/cursor is slightly under the uhh, hotspot I guess so you have to aim lower (unless my browser is that way or my imagination is) but it works.

I figure I'd try to fill inside the wip here and see what I end up with.. wip http://www.flickgame.org/play.html?p=f9c0fdd05ef617187a96 . In my head I see some fancy high tech wireframe tech demoey kinda short 3-4 frame animations but what I end up with in the end should be enough for me, for now.

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I like the format... and the

I like the format... and the contrast between the rectangular grid and the messy drawings behind them. It was fun to click on all the squares, sort of like 'what's behind door number 3?' or opening up a bunch of lockers to see what's inside. (i had to help clean the lockers at my job once. it was mostly rotting food inside)