Walking in the Woods

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Let's all just hang out and go for a walk in the woods!

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interesting, nice feeling of

interesting, nice feeling of space

This is one of those exploration ones.

exploration ones boggle my mind. a semi-sense of non-linearity and a good twist. I played the other night but these days are back to back but I was drawn in by the uhh, the logo. yeah, hte logo. It looks like everything else has that semi-look to it. Like it reminds me of when I used to make old sketches and like in colored pencils and stuff, and then at the very end use like charcoal, lots of it, like a heavy amount, only I was tough to the edge and precise.. This has a like off beat just sort of outline, and thinner, but still accents it and stuff. It reminds me of that, and like I guess it'd have looked fine if it was less precisey. But in the end I doubt I was very precice-eye-ish-precious eyeballs. Who knows? I mean, in theory, I could just look back and check and that'd be the easy way for sure, but I mean, it's like a ruler on the wall. You just look at it and you're just not so sure about it. Or like when you see folks visit and they use pencils and stuff for like walls and such..

Anyway where was I? Back to the game. Yeah, it was sort of an adventure. Sort of like quest for glory 1 without the grinding and you didn't have to go to town. It kinda just delves you into it instead of you having to delve into it.. It's a voice for all the generations and as far as a sorta sandboxey-feeling non-linear format, it works quite well. Congratulations.

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Good show old man, good show.