starlit spacedream

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my first ever flickgame! let's all have fun in space.

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An event


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You illustrations are very

You illustrations are very nice. I enjoyed this, especially the part where I felt that I was traveling and doing anthropomorphic art with folks who were excited about it.

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Love it! So pretty.

Love it! So pretty.

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really nice art! you used

really nice art! you used color really well... my favorite part was descending through the clouds of the gas planet. very pretty!

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the three-eyed red person

the three-eyed red person was my favorite, the only thing i was unsure about is if one was supposed to be able to get back out to space from the brown planet.

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I also got stuck here for a

I also got stuck here for a while! More clickable colours would have been nice, but I'm not convinced it's serious enough to warrant updating.

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i didn't want to let you

i didn't want to let you click on the colours used for the characters, because i think that would be disappointing if it didn't lead to new screens. there was some weird logic behind clicking into space vs clicking into sky that yeah, doesn't really work when you're playing!

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the first person i showed

the first person i showed this to (a first-time flickgame player) missed the orange planet. i wonder if anyone else did!