The Hunter's Dance

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A little thing i made with stencyl, hopefully not too bad, i didn't really enjoy making it too much, but i learned a lot, and i made my impulsive idea a reality.

Made For: 
An event


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I truly love the general

I truly love the general design of this. My gripes are that the arrows don't match the music well and the gauges seem to run out too quickly.

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yeah, i got kind of

yeah, i got kind of frustrated with this. i figured out how to make it match up better, but that wasn't the thing i wanted to do, it just felt too tedious for me. maybe if i come back to it or decide to update it, i could do that. i tried playing around with how fast the gauges run out and how fast stuff recovers them, but i guess i didn't find a particularly good balance.

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balancing fun and hunger

balancing fun and hunger fills me with the same sort of dread as looking after sims

but look how happy that bear looks. i love it.

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thank! the bear animation

thank! the bear animation was the first thing i did, i might have not wanted to finish it if i hadn't made the bear dance so joyfully.

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Like Sergio mentioned, the

Like Sergio mentioned, the dexterity demands are off, but I really like this game.