Lovely Warriors of Friendship

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Lovely Warriors of Friendship is a platformer type game featuring characters from Pre ty Cure, My Little Pony, Mega Man, Pokemon, and many more (and soon Castlevania 10!!!). There are something like 70 characters in total.

I noticed it when it was on Steam Greenlight, but I tihnk since then it's been (unsurprisingly) taken down :(

Gooberlord Jim Sterling did a mean video about it.

I nominate Lovely Warriors of Friendship for glorious trainwreck status.

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Oh, here's a not-mean

Oh, here's a not-mean video:

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I'm kind of into this!

I'm kind of into this! Actually playing it is a bit of a slog though, I got up to the second stage of Discord's Fortress with Vanellope before tiring. But I've never been that into Mega Man style games, regardless of quality.

The roster is amazing. It even has Pea-Guy (formerly Pac-Guy)! I'd virtually forgotten those games existed myself, so I'm really floored by this inclusion. What does your mention of Castlevania 10 mean? Did you reach out to them, or vice versa? Could I work out a similar licensing contract if I wanted?

For people considering trying it, Umbra is probably the most technically impressive stage, but also one of the hardest.

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So... it's been done.

Hello... creator of the game here.
I've been looking around at this website, it seems to share similar views to me about making games for fun and stuff and about not caring too much about Marketing or being a quality nazi and stuff.

I admit, submitting to Steam was probably a mistake, but... my intent was just to reach more people with the game to make them happy. I had no intent to make money, nor did I forsee that such a train would blow up the way it did.

Yes, Rylie did reach out to me. If you want a character of your choice added to the game, no "licensing contract" or anything is neccessary. Just make a request to me. As long as I don't start getting overwhelmed, I will try to fulfill the requests that are made to me (only had 3 so far). Only rule I have is that the game itself, Lovely Warriors of Friendship, must remain family/kid friendly and not contain any objectionable content like gore, swearing, or sexuality. There is no limit however to what series the characters can come from.
So if there is a character you'd like to see added to the game, please just let me know, and I will see what I can do.

Hope you have a lovely day. ♥

P.S. nice to meet a fellow Pea-Guy fan/player.

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Well, I don't think Steam was a mistake, it's how I found your game!

Those screenshots are great, really looking forward to playing this again now.

Thankyou thnkayou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou

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Well, at least I've reached

Well, at least I've reached some people like you then during the time it was up there. Sorry it had to turn out the way it did...
And... you're welcome.

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I think it'd be cool to see

I think it'd be cool to see Yoshi in a game like this. According to the site though, it looks like the game is already complete as of yesterday?

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It's complete, but I'm still

It's complete, but I'm still adding to it anyway as it's also an ongoing project.
I've been taking some requests lately like rylie for example.
Thing about Yoshi is... I have a little bit more trouble with the idea of certain popular game characters that have unique signature in-game abilities. Like for example, Sonic and his spin dash and stuff would mean adding a whole extra mechanic to the base game. And including him without it.... just wouldn't seem right. I know I broke that rule for Lilac but that's because she's a character I really liked and I REALLY wanted her. Yoshi kinda falls into that category as he swallows enemies and spits them out as eggs. So he'd be kind of a hard one to add unless I really dumbed him down.
But, never say never. I know the people here probably wouldn't care that much about the game being perfect anyway...
Thank you for the interesting suggestion.

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Just so you know, that video

Just so you know, that video by sutekh94 is a mean one. He makes tons of mean, ignorant, stupid complaints and was clearly part of the Jim Sterling crowd (even thanked the guy for his video). Just wanted to inform you. He's among the bully crowd. ♥

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Thanks. I guess I didn't

Thanks. I guess I didn't read the description :(

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Are you still aiming to not

Are you still aiming to not be mean-spirited in any way, shape, or form? Parts of your description read like a sarcastic tirade to me, maybe because there's nothing apologetic there. I can't say that "truly, Sutekh94 is a good guy" was foremost in my mind by the time I reached the end... also, yes, the game is on GameJolt already!

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I figured it was already on

I figured it was already on GJ, since it seemed like something that would be right at home there. And I also tweaked my description a bit.

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Also, what I meant by that

Also, what I meant by that "mean-spirited in any way, shape, or form" comment is that I don't actively try to hurt people's feelings or emotions with the things that I do, because I feel like it goes against who I am as a person. Comment on the work, not on the person behind the work - it's a personal rule I've abided by for a long while now. I'm also the type of person who, if I feel like I pissed off somebody who seemed like a decent human being and went over the edge, I would be the first to walk up to the front door of their house, knock on it, and then apologize and try to see what I can do to make the situation better. Yeah, I might come across as a sarcastic dick every now and again, but that's just me attempting (and probably failing) to inject a little humor into the things that I say or do.

In this case, I feel like I haven't quite crossed that threshold, considering I only came across that comment by the dev earlier today, but I still wanted to say something that I thought was positive about the game alongside a video that I've been meaning to upload for a while and totally forgot about. If CureLovelyWarrior ever reads this, all I have to say is this: Just keep doing what you feel like doing.

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Understandable. I didn't

Understandable. I didn't feel your initial video was mean, but maybe CureLovelyWarrior found it hurtful somehow. Either way, that's clearly not your intention now. I prefer the tone of the updated description! Hopefully you didn't have to sacrifice too many beloved phrases. Apologies for making you look up the GameJolt URL yourself, I typed my prior comment on a touchscreen and it was too much of a pain to insert it.

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It's okay. ♥ So you know

It's okay. ♥

So you know the game's been massively updated since we last talked, with more than 10 new characters, and a new selectable difficulty setting. ♥

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Hi... thanks for explaining

Hi... thanks for explaining yourself, sutekh94.
I think what you should know is, I was very very, VERY cynical of ANYTHING that happened surrounding the greenlight drama, as there were people saying NASTY things.... about me personally. like did you know they assumed I was a little girl? And when they found out their assumption was wrong, they accused me of pretending to be one? Amongst all that was them saying how I had "moralless parents" and stuff like that. I was also getting lots of spam, such as threads that just said "We need to bring in jim effing sterling" and even messages that said "AAAAAAAA". I could say much, much more about what happened, but I don't want to derail too much. And btw... my mom did in fact contact Jim Sterling, and explained about the harassment and stuff, and he made the video private... so turns out he's actually a rather decent person. So, if your intent was to simply say that it didn't belong on steam, well, you're right, and that's why it came down from steam. It was advertised as a free game. I know that since steam is more of a marketplace, it would still be a copyright violation. Some people (including Jim Sterling) did point out that it was free, but many people missed that and thought I wanted to make a profit off other people's characters. And that is something even I, as someone who is mostly an opponent of copyright, am against.

Hope that clears things up for you. ♥

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I also wanna add, what you

I also wanna add, what you said about not liking to hurt people's feelings, actually meant something good to me. Especially in this day and age, where we have a lot of people online who think they can say or treat people HOWEVER they want, simply because "oh this is the internet".

Probably my biggest actual complaint about both the videos though, would be that you just didn't play well (which in turn didn't do the game very much justice). I understand it seems like "megaman platformers" are not your type of game, as it seems to be with more people who play this than just you. But I still have some difficulty with the videos because you barely even jumped out of the way or even attempted to dodge enemy shots. And the part where you just stood right next to vanilluxe and let yourself get shot... that's what if I was a more sarcastic type, would probably refer to as "painful to watch". I don't usually like to use that type of language so much though. In my opinion, the stages are fairly straight forward and wouldn't be too much trouble if you actually bothered to dodge things... and maybe learned some of the patterns, even though those are fairly straightforward too.

Hope you're feeling well. ♥

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:) tweet

I bet this tweet I wrote would interest you guys (make sure you click the image so you see the whole message)