Poor Thing Update: A Video!

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Dear Glorious Trainfriends,

This time I do not have screenshots from Poor Thing to share with you. I have something better! A video presenting it in action! I think it starts to look good, but judge for yourselves. My video editing tool did something horrible with compression, but you can still see what the game is about. I tried to present the things I am most proud of: the Merry Berry minihotel, scrolling levels, floor tiles adjusting to scrolling, some shadows and 3d grass (only in the 1st level but will be implemented overall). I hope you like it! I work on it nearly every day and had a sleepless night sometime ago when I put a lot of things together so I have the backstory also more advanced. Ok, enough, enjoy, and tell me hwat you think!



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Wow, this is looking

Wow, this is looking great.

The screens connect to each other really well, if that makes sense.

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spooky vibes, i like it

spooky vibes, i like it