Lovely Warriors of Friendship

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A Megaman-esque platformer with a goal of spreading love, friendship, and innocence.


Play as one of many warriors of friendship of your choosing, with a choice of characters from many series, the most important being Precure, My Little Pony, and Pokemon.

Choose from over 70 playable characters! Play as your favorite cure or pony, or choose that indie game character that stood out to you!

Reform Discord, and take down Tirek!

Defeat and reform the unlovely forces of the Phantom Empire!

Flying mode with even more characters, using a completely different control style.

Play as many cute characters, including Satori, Spiritia, Princess Luna and Meloetta.

Rokko Chan, Spiritia, and Mega Pony can obtain weapons by defeating bosses.

Play as a sparkling shiny pokemon, or have the Happiness Charge Precure change into alternate forms.

Some characters have extra abilities, such as melee attacks, double jumps and dashes.

This game gives you "lovely hearts" whenever you complete certain tasks in the game. You might know of this idea as "achievements" or "trophies". However, hearts are much more awesome than golden medals or cups. Hasn't anyone ever told you that money can't buy you love?

The game runs almost entirely off borrowed or mixed resources. I believe unoriginal is the new original!

Proud to announce that the game has "Megpoid Talk" as the menu voice. AKA The voice of Megumi Nakajima/Gumi/Cure Lovely/Cure Unlovely/Meloetta.

The game is completely free, and family friendly!

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"unoriginal is the new

"unoriginal is the new original" love it
i haven't played it yet, i'll comment again when i play it

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It's supposed to mean, like

It's supposed to mean, like basically... to say that hardly anyone ever uses unoriginal resources... because like you know how many people are about that stuff. So using unoriginal resources from all over the place to put together an entire game is like... a new original thing. And the game itself... well... there really is not much out there like it. So it is original for the very reasons people label it as unoriginal...

(other than that its a Megaman-esque platformer I guess - but hey - I like those and will keep playing them no matter how unoriginal they are!)

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Hi me is ridiculously hard.

Hi me is ridiculously hard. I beat her though.
Also is there a way to make it so that the bosses you've beaten don't reset if you change your character?

When I saw that the timer didn't keep counting down after failing to defeat Golden Diva on the first try, the relief I felt was noticeable.

This picture shows how far I could make it. My hand hurts.
There are some really neat surprises in your game, thanks for sharing it.

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>Also is there a way to make

>Also is there a way to make it so that the bosses you've beaten don't reset if you change your character?

I assume this is intentional, given the star progress bar on the title screen. But I do feel like it's not an especially fun design choice; the huge roster is one of the game's main draws, so tying progress to a single character encourages playing the game in a less enjoyable way.

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FYI I don't expect people to

FYI I don't expect people to beat the game with all the characters... that's why achievements for "get x stars" stop at 300 stars.
By then you've probably played the heck out of it and are rightfully tired. Most likely you've fought the bosses over and over and have therefore learned their patterns and strategies and now they've become easier for you.
So I thought, people could race to see who could get the most stars.
Probably, the expectation is that even people who really dedicate themselves to the game and it's replay value, will likely be done with it once they get all the achievements and 300 stars.

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Here's an update on my progress.

This is an interesting game. Last night I didn't realize that it would save my progress when I quit. After resting my fingers I game Hi me another go.

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So happy to see proof that

So happy to see proof that someone has actually beaten the game. I feel like the end game stages are among the better ones and the people who played it half heartedly just to make a negative youtube review are missing out.

Also... thanks for everything that's been written and commented here. It really makes me happy to see people talking about the game in a way that is actually appreciative.

oh and just curious... mind telling me what the "surprises" are that you found? Cause I had a field day putting in little hidden references. Like in the descriptions for characters/stages, and also a lot of the music used has meaning too.

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The entire Negatones(?) area

The entire Negatones(?) area was really great. The musical theme and the background and my character's bees and the enemies and their projectiles combined well. I found the boss encounters in those areas to be surprising and I just really valued them experientially.
I was also surprised by the description of the boss who plays hockey aggressively.
The battle with Red was surprisingly coherent with the source material.
I kind of mentioned it earlier, but the way that the timer was used in some of the levels was really odd and that put me into a position where I didn't know what to expect.

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It's funny that you call

It's funny that you call them "Negatones". The bosses are The Dazzlings, villains from my little pony. But the level is obviously a huge influence from Suite Precure... ♥

Edit: Just realized... I kinda referred to them as that on the character select descriptions, didn't I? "Negatone" is something evil from Suite Precure... a music themed show. There is a villain named "Siren" and it's a pun cause the Dazzlings are also sirens. There is also the "melody of sorrow" that the bad guys sing which is what Sonata is singing in the boss battle... as well as the instrumental version that can be heard on the stage. Aria sings meloetta's song as a pun because meloetta has an "aria forme".

Other things are...
Music from "Code of Princess" whenever you fight a character who is a princess (as well as on cure princess's stage).
"Hockey Man" theme from Rokko Chan on the hockey player level.
King Candy is a huge poke at the creators of "Candy Crush", who are called "King".

Those are just the big ones... there's tons of little references everywhere, especially to pokemon.
The achievements also make some jokes as well.
There's so many I could probably go on all day if I wanted to.
Of course, if you haven't seen the source material there's a chance you won't get them.

Also... "Hime" is actually one word, and in addition to being a character's name, it's also the japanese word for "princess" (you might see me using it in the game that way elsewhere). I think you thought it was two words because the spritefont thingy has a few issues.

Ahhhh.... that was fun to explain.

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loved the game! thanks for

loved the game! thanks for brightening up my day a little bit.

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You're quite welcome. That

You're quite welcome. That what I aimed to do for people. It brightens my own day to know that my intent worked. ♥