Drug Dog

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uuuummmm, this is more than 2 hours. maybe it was 8 hours. i made it in Scratch. you're a drug dog. also, there's a drone music mode for staring at a line of people.

it's a flash file. SCRATCH, i love it.

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An event


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I really liked the vibe that

I really liked the vibe that i got from this one, i also liked that it was a web game, because i feel overwhelmed by the amount of unplayed games i have in my downloads folder. I don't remember if i had heard that afx song yet, i thought i had heard everything from his soundcloud. i guess there were just 20 or so tracks that i fixated on, like the most recent thing on it that he uploaded a few days ago, and i just heard some other stuff once.

The art and the concept and sounds and all that mesh together well, my only real complaint that i'd have is that the controls aren't explained in an unavoidable way in-game. yes, it is in the description, but better to make it as obvious as possible to the player, like having a screen before you start playing.

also, check this person's music out, you'd probably dig it https://soundcloud.com/brainwaltzera

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thanks for the feedback, that's helpful to hear. i'll do that in future games i make hopefully. i'm on a tear recently.
you're right on making the controls more explicit. thanks for the afexxx twin vybes-y suggestion too, i like it.

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nice game, I like the

nice game, I like the feeling of it.

Are the premonitions supposed to be represented in game? I didn't see or hear anything so I was just trying to go off of my own in-brain premonitions, but I guess they didn't work very well. I could only get 4 drugs. Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong!

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yeah the premonitions are a flickering image (accompanied by a 'pop' sound) that appear for a moment. they are purposely hard to see.

are you trying the downloaded file or the web-player on the scratch website?