draggin: my first processing game with SFX!

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So here is my first processing game w/ SFX.

I call it draggin.

It's based on Keith Peter's follow3 demo for processing: http://processing.org/learning/topics/follow3.html
I just liked the movement feel of that, but I'm not sure I did a great job of capturing that in the game.

You drag your draggin around defending yourself and your precious apples from marauding dot villagers.

You can also play it online here:

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hey, is there any way to put

hey, is there any way to put the screenshot inline?

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When you attach a file, it

When you attach a file, it pops up its url underneath its description, and you can then use it in between "img" tags. It won't show up in preview, but it'll show up once you post.

Like so!

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This is so rhinoceros.

This is so rhinoceros.

I love how they gather to dance on your corpse!

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Thanks! It pleases me


It pleases me greatly when lazy programming (in this case, a kind of wonky "seek" algorithm and a failure to switch behaviors just because the player is dead) leads to a nice side effect. (the dancing on the corpse)

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It would be cool if the

It would be cool if the little men then went and took home links from your corpse.

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Yep this is a confirmed

Yep this is a confirmed species of odd-toed ungulate. I can't get no SFX though :(.

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Kirk you jerk you never

Kirk you jerk you never replied to this so I checked the source myself. You didn't actually include the SFX mp3's with the zip! Will these caress my ear canals at some point soon?

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Sorry for not replying

Sorry for not replying before!

You're trying the Windows version? It works on my machine! (Classic developer yell) The mp3s are buried in "draggin.jar" (a .jar is a .zip with some extra files in it, so you can just rename the .jar to .zip and unzip it normally... you should see the mp3 files there in data/

Let me know, because I want to use similar tech for my holiday card I'm sending to people (a slightly revamped KotM)

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Oh yeah durr they're in jar

Oh yeah durr they're in jar files. I am a goose.
Anyway yeah it works fine, I don't know what was happening earlier.
One thousand apologies effendi