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I just wanted to make something for Klik of the Month.
I didn't have an idea, so I looked through some of my recent photos and saw this one of some really neat construction going on. The plan was to crop the little workers and maybe platform or something, but I decided to box the player in with duplicates of the photo and then I became interested in creating a sense of height. I like how the crane is so impressively high at that nearness that you have to really crane your neck to see the top.

I'd like there to be more interaction, but I went over into 3 hours and I wanted to make sure I uploaded something tonight because all my game-projects lately have been partials that I haven't been uploading. Thanks for playing. Sorry for the file size, I haven't used Unity in a while.

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This game made me feel

This game made me feel uneasy and disoriented. It's intriguing that you managed to pull such feelings out of a relatively mundane scene.

The way that you cut up the image and rotated the planes was effective because the presence of the cranes in the original photograph already created a sliced up, cubist effect. The game reminds me of futurist paintings like this one:

But where futurist painters tended to treat their subjects with optimism, your game feels much more imposing. I suppose part of that feeling comes from the music.

I wonder what other possibilities exist in the idea of building out a 3D environment using a single photograph.

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I'm really fascinated by the

I'm really fascinated by the Marxist concept of "estrangement" as I understand it, specifically as a perspective with which to view large buildings which are demonstrable reifications of how insignificant we are not just in capitalist production, but as an individual in any cultural collective that accumulates technology and products over generations. I could never create something that size alone and even someone who has an understanding of how it is done, or who participates in that form of production for their entire career couldn't make anything comparable alone. Since a lot of my personal identity is tied to my productivity as an individual (not a good idea by the way), looking up at construction like this one reminds me that the physical monoliths that rise around me don't depend on me whatsoever. That makes me feel insecure, but I'm also enamored with the majesty of such structures. Watching a structure reach a stature that demeans my ego is especially arresting because I am stuck in the illusion that knowing how something is done is the same as doing it.

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something weirdly

something weirdly captivating about it

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Thanks. I feel the same way.

Thanks. I feel the same way. I keep thinking about it.