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So I was experimenting on a fair-size game in an x amount of time, I created an engine that was similar to this, toned it down, similar to that, and toned it down to this, and forgot about it after being 90% done with it.

Couldn't find a way to finish it and of course time took its toll. If you want to play the zzt file and don't know how, run lyon and link it to the .zzt. there's no other requirements I don't think. If you want to explore around and have a potential win condition, by all means play it the way it was "meant" I guess.

Otherwise yeah, play the html version without the win condition. I don't know if it's worth the download install but you might get a good feel for the zzmechanic and that might be important to some people.

It's some sort of immersive world exploration file, where you not only search the area but for the invisible scroll for more information about the level. Or spoilers with the web version. I included the attachments below. some bgm if you want, or i include original mids below

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interesting concept

interesting concept
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That was really interesting.

That was really interesting. In a way, this represented what I find most most inspiring about 'games' as an art form, which is that it took the interation of video games and used it to present imagery, text and music in a way that is totally unique. I've never played or seen anything which is quite like this, but its overall structure feels really good.

I played both versions of the game. I felt like the zzt version was more immersive and I liked that each image was given the full screen. but I think most people would be more comfortable with the html version since it doesn't have the extraneous control stuff and is easier to figure out.

I'm curious about how you made the poetry. Was it mostly stream-of-conscious? Some of it felt like it might have been computer generated but I couldn't really be sure.