the abandoned sandal

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A flickgame adaptation of The Abandoned Sandal. Apologies to terrytheplatypus for the numerous scenes omitted due to space constraints (but hopefully you're down with me making this in the first place).

I used hugs' mod to dither a few of the later frames (but the first two frames were hand-dithered, horrifyingly enough). I also experimented with an alternative colour palette, but ultimately decided against this. When I put forward the idea to fellow flickgamer Matthew Gatland, he suggested it might not be a flickgame any more if I changed the palette, which concerned me more than it should have.

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An event


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ooo yeaahhh, i love it, made

ooo yeaahhh, i love it, made my day

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Hooray for not inadvertently

Hooray for not inadvertently transgressing!

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The narrative evoked a

The narrative evoked a fiction I was interested in. It's like a creation-story that kids would make up together while at the beach.

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You're killing these

You're killing these flikgames. How long did it take for you to make this one?

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I finished it to this

I finished it to this standard in about 3 hours, directly after the original Twine game was posted. It was hard to get motivated to polish the last few frames to the same standard as the initial ones, that part took a month but was mostly filled with me not working on it.

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This flickgame rocks.

Whoaaa, that art is awesome! I didn't know flickgames could do this! Nice use of looping the story too, the transition to the beginning kind of blew my mind.