This Is Not Thirty Levels

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It's a sequel to This Is Not A Level! I'm prouder of this one, but that could just be the elation of 30 hours without sleep talking. The music is from She Screams by oddlogic. The challenges are all original this time (or subconsciously plagiarised).

Using Knytt Stories Plus is strongly recommended, but not compulsory.

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it was nice, i'm not sure if

it was nice, i'm not sure if the ending was a ruse or not

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I love these minimalist

I love these minimalist levels of yours, but I can't figure out how to get past level 5

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Some of the backtracking was pretty punishing. I was pretty confused by the 7th level, but when I found out what you had to do, it was pretty rewarding! The levels are beautiful and really tight. The aesthetic is really powerful in this. I like all the 4th wall sort of things that remind me of some of cactus's similar work. I'm excited to see many more Knytt stuff from you.

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well, now i guess i know

well, now i guess i know that the 7th level isn't the last one

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Nah, it's the end. It stands

Nah, it's the end. It stands as a testament to the dangers of making design decisions while sleep deprived.

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It's the end, but there is a way to solve the last section. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it feels more intentional and clever than not.

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It was intentional, it's

It was intentional, it's kind of hard to do. I'm still not convinced that specific part is good design. I could have done something more interesting. I'm glad you appreciated it anyway, I'll finish and release more levels soon that try to be more clever and less punishing.

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This level recieves special

This level recieves special mention for somehow crashing KS+, Apparently the game didn't like me strugling against the shifts at level 7.
Also, is level 5 even possible on the Very Hard difficulty?

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Neat. I'm not sure what

Neat. I'm not sure what exactly caused that and I can't reproduce it myself. I've completed Very Hard level 5 on both KS and KS+, so I assume it's always possible. You need to perform a 'perfect' double jump, which isn't very fun, hence the nicer alternative version.