13 Levels In About 30 Seconds SpookRide To InSpookity You Will Spook After You Spook This And No One Will Spook ToYourFuneral!!!

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Boo! Happy Holidays.
I tried to make 51 of these levels as distinct from each other in a short amount of time, but I just came up with 13 because that's a good number.

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An event


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Super. The memento mori

The memento mori quality of the background-photos contextualizes the frantic gameplay and sounds to evoke an interesting emotion.

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i liked the screams and

i liked the screams and burps a lot, it was nice

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Nice! The easy game play

Nice! The easy game play combined with the backgrounds was interesting... I don't know if you intended it this way, but my brain kind of started to put together a narrative with the photographs. It's cool because my brain was on the one hand, trying to figure out what was going on with all the dead people, but then it was also like 'oh yeah! I have to eat all the candy corn!". It reminded me of a tendency that I have to use simple games to distract myself from thinking about serious things in my life. But yeah, it's a neat type of cognitive dissonance that I would like to see in more things. I also really loved the transitions between games.

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Those photos were too creepy

Those photos were too creepy for me!

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