Candy Corn Simulator

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You just got 13 packages with 13 candy corns each, what you are going to do with these is now up to you! Try eating the candy corn as it falls
. Eat only a few flavors of candy corn and leave your favourites for last! Or just open up all packages and watch the candy corn pile up in gravity defying clusters thanks to the game sad excuse for a cutting edge physics engine! The choice is yours, just be careful not to go overboard!
Candy corn flavors include: Classic, Strawberry, Chocolate, Brown, Extra Spooky, and CGA graphics.

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An event


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When I try to open it I get

When I try to open it I get a message that says "This app can't run on your PC".

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If you download and run it

If you download and run it with glorioustrainwrecks.exe it opens up in dosbox and everything is fine.

This game is fun. I like the 'candy corn stuck on the ceiling' message. It's also fun to just jam on the ok button until the game crashes.

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Haha, I really liked that attention to detail with the stuck message too. I also just jammed the button. This is an interesting take on an anti-game. There is something nice to the feeling of clicking on the corns. I also like how the game has an ending, I think it is very appropriate because it makes me want to play again immediately. I could see this being pretty nicely ported to mobile. :-)

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Cannot play it.

I get this error: Cannot execute "C:\Users\Jupiter\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa0.785\candycor.exe"