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i enjoyed it, it didn't have

i enjoyed it, it didn't have anything more than it needed to get some unsettling mood across, which is good



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This reminds me of a

This reminds me of a particular feeling of grogginess I sometimes have where I feel like there is weight in my forehead, I can't open my eyes enough. You really managed to give the perspective a sense of lowness and it mixes with the deliberateness of the turning. It reminds me of mechanical motions like winding a measuring-tape manually with one of the casing's side's off, or spinning a belt-driven turn-table by one of its smaller parts that is only exposed if you have taken it apart some.



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Nice! This was really

Nice! This was really spooky, and very claustrophobic. I love the visuals.

Thanks. I hope I was

Thanks. I hope I was whistling spooky enough