The Grey Nether

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A little survival horror platformer created for the "Underneath the Sidewalk" challenge but also in the spirit of upcoming Halloween.

Save your granddaughter from the claws of evil creatures lurking underneath the Sidewalk! The only equipment you have is a handgun with limited ammo and a Princess Molly flashlight.

This is the first build and it's made in KnP so obviously it is going to be all kinds of wonky, but it should be playable. Let me know about all the strange bugs that you will undoubtedly encounter, and I'm gonna patch it right up.

Update 6.11.15: fixed a clipping bug in the level where you crack your rib

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i had no idea where the room

i had no idea where the room exits were for 5 minutes or something, then i found them, interesting experience, though i feel like there's something about the HUD that takes away from the experience. i might try to finish it, sort of frustrating but also interesting

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Jan Strach

Well i Wanted to make it challenging, but certainly not frustrating. ..

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This is really cool. I love

This is really cool. I love the color palette. I keep getting stuck at the point where you fall down the hill and crack a rib. It seems like the game just freezes at that point. Not sure if it's a glitch or what.

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I'llcheck that out, thanks

I'llcheck that out, thanks for info!

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More info on the glitch: I

More info on the glitch:

I was able to get past that point the first time I made it there, but every time after that I get stuck.

The game doesn't totally freeze up. I can still move the cursor and fire the gun. I can't move my character, though. It seems like he just isn't standing back up.

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Ok, done! Check the new

Ok, done! Check the new version.

Thank you so much for reporting it!

Apparently our old weird KNP doesn't like when some backgrounds overlap the platform background. Especially my brick wall background. It made grandpa confused and he fell down into the platform instead, and so became permanently frozen inside it.