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welcome to your first day as a chocolate shoe arranger! please the endless chain of underwear babes by making them custom chocolate shoes. what's a chocolate shoe? it's a shoe filled with chocolate. it's a smelly ass nasty shoe that someone's been wearing all dang day that's filled with chocolate. i dunno but people buy it so make it for them. please try really hard to pair a good shoe with a good chocolate. really think about how the smells and flavors go together. the last guy was terrible. we couldn't let him go because it's impossible to hire shoe chocolatiers in this city but it's not like we're sad to see him gone. i can't believe i got roped into going to his weedding. i think if i just don't go he'll forget he invited me but i don't want to risk it. oh they get those place mats and stuff at weddings huh they'll definitely notice if i bail. fuckkk yeah i guess i have to go. anyway good luck

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I didn't have any trouble

I didn't have any trouble running Sisyphus, but this one doesn't run on my PC for some reason.

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crap, you're right. i'll

crap, you're right. i'll look into it

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okay now it should work for

okay now it should work for real

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Thanks for the fix. ghost

Thanks for the fix.
ghost boy cries for the horrors of the world that he's powerless to stop needs a similar treatment if you have time.

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it is done. thanks for

it is done. thanks for pointing that out!

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I like that I had opinions

I like that I had opinions on the combos I served. Pungent/Nutty for the unapologetic connoisseurs, Smelly/Sweet for the haters, Skunky/Earthy for the skeptics.

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woh that's cool. i've been

woh that's cool. i've been marveling lately at how mechanics have affect even when they're not enforced by the computer, lot of interesting potential there i think.

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I didn't get how to advance

I didn't get how to advance to the next underwear babe the first time i tried, maybe it would've been nice as a UI thing to put something signaling to click on the feets area, though maybe not

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hm yeah that could have been

hm yeah that could have been communicated better. Were there chocolates showing up at her feet when you clicked on the ones at the sides? Not that it's super straightforward but it's another thing to click on and it gives a mouseover text.

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Simple game.

It seemed like they were happy with the chocolates no matter what. I included your game in my 13 Days of Halloween: Bite Sized Grab Bag compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/JIs9OgKEjrE

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sweet thanks dude!

sweet thanks dude!

yeah they always give the same response. i was trying to figure out how to make a "pleasing people with your good taste in chocolate shoes" mechanic but I didn't come up with anything and I thought doing nothing would be better. Now I think doing random responses (or maybe quasi random, seeded with shoe and chocolate combo and person type...) would be best