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Proper is a game about behaving appropriate to the situation, being a respectable individual, doing things properly and leaving the room before you need to face the consequences of inevitably failing the former three. Save the game to preserve your high scores!

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i really like the colors and

i really like the colors and the feel of exploring this foreign, but familar sort of ruleset. i haven't survived an outrage yet, i'll try to in an hour
also, is that just a stock picture, or is that specifically from the cover of dr tatiana's sex advice for all creation?

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An outrage shouldn't be that hard, depending on which maze you get from the randomly chosen 5. I found it more difficult to match the pattern immediately after the outrage ends! And yes, this indeed is taken from Tatiana's sex advice! I don't think anyone recognized that before. Did you read it too?

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yes, though i don't think i

yes, though i don't think i read the whole thing, just various bits and pieces

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My current high score is 1481.

Can you beat it?

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Is there a win-state? I'm

Is there a win-state? I'm asking because you asked if I have beat it, not because I feel that it needs one. I didn't think it had one and it certainly does give the metaphor a sense of futility when I'm assuming that there is no win-state.

I enjoyed the art-style and music, it gave me a sense of uncontainable anxiousness which fit well with the narrative. When avoiding scorn and navigating around consequences, I thought a lot about why consequences would be expressed as static barriers while scorn is expressed as pushing waves that Barry has to actively maintain his position between.

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I was just asking if you can beat the high score. No, there's no win state and as long as you keep matching the patterns or escaping from outrages you can play forever. I didn't give it much thought when I designed it, but I guess consequences are something grounded in reality, so they won't change just because you wait, meanwhile scorn may vary depending on various factors, some of which shouldn't be relevant.

Also, Barry is just the pacing eye who tells the nameless protagonist which pattern to use because you can't figure it out yourself.

It's great to see my game being given the artsy consideration I dreamed of. Not all communities provide this kind of thing:

[Indie Developer] : *makes a non-cliche game*
[Unsatisfied Player] : what
[Satisfied Player] : Dude, I want the contact info to your DRUG DEALER!!!

This makes me want to share another game I made in this style, only with much more plot and text and content.

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If the game already exists,

If the game already exists, you should definitely upload it. Don't even feel pressured to conform to some 'trainwreck aesthetic' or do stuff specifically for events that are running here (though you should attach it to an event anyway), random game appearances are welcome too.

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Yeah, please post

Yeah, please post everything!

Loved this game. It has a very interesting structure, especially for an RPG Maker game.

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And upload it I will!

And before the end of the year (in GMT timezone at least...), too. I hope people will be interested with my deep twisted storyline and setting.

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The look of this is great. I

The look of this is great. I doubt I understand the systems completely. At first, it seems like you're a guy in a bathroom stall and then you get out and you're just trying to avoid everyone because you feel gross and you just want to not be near anyone.

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I liked the two different

I liked the two different types of outrage events- the dagger dodging race to the finish and the lock step forced march through the corridors. The latter gave a nice opportunity to look at the weird words in the background.