Bike In The Castle

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For KOTM #100.

Ride your bicycle on the stairs in the castle and see what happens. Trainwreck-o-licious!

If the controls don't seem to work, be sure to click inside the game window. If you fly off somewhere, press the X key to restart the game window.

Click the game link to play the Flash version, or download the archive to view the source in CT Fusion.

Sounds made in BFXR. Background music from

Have fun!

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An event


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Once I escaped the stair

Once I escaped the stair well and then teleported back to the start but was dead.

I think this could be improved if the music got louder every restart.

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I did the same thing!

I also agree with RJT. I don't mind that weird non-teleport teleport though as it feels super surreal.