Play LIFE Online here

Please play DEATH first.

Once you've figured it out, then go play LIFE. Thank you! =)


Game by PsySal ( -
Made with Chevy Ray Johnston's excellent FlashPunk Library -

This game was made Feb 28, 2010 for the Klik 'n Play Pirate Kart 2


Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2


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Interesting. Guessing

Interesting. Guessing there's a 1-1 correlation between what you shoot in Death and where the bullets come from in Life? Sleepily wanted to see the various inspirational messages in Death, so was completely demolished in Life.

I can't take credit for

I can't take credit for that much sophistication! Tho it's a great idea. Abyhow =) I'm glad you dug these, at least a bit... =)