Poor Thing update

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Hai there,

Just like last year, I am taking December off from working on Poor Thing. For almost whole year I have been tinkering with it daily and it is making my head spin a little. Furthermore, after nearly nobody bothered to play the Grey Nether I felt more than a little disheartened and making games has taken a backseat to other activities for now. I want to recharge my batteries a little, gain perspective and some new ideas. And I promise to get back to it come 2016, and really push things forward. And maybe by the end of next year I will have something wobbly and brittle to show off, a demo of sorts.

Bless you all and see you soon

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It's looking great! The

It's looking great! The woods seem so atmospheric.

I liked The Grey Nether a lot. I promoted it on my game curation blog and Twitter to some interest, but that probably happened in a vacuum without your awareness. I played it so many times and never managed to make it past the cracked rib, but I'm determined to get further eventually... it's been long enough since I last tried that I'll have to re-memorise a lot of things to get back up to scratch.

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Hi sergio, I had no idea!

Hi sergio, I had no idea! You have to tell me these things, I guess! There was a bug in the rib level but I have since fixed it. I am thrilled that you liked the Grey nether. I think the grey scared people off...well, hope they like blue better.

Cheers and thanks! And good luck with my game!