Learn 100 Words: One At A Time!

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Welcome To Learn 100 Words: One At A Time Edition!

This program features 100 "Words" (or games) that you can tackle all in a row or one at a time. Progress is always saved automatically (and rewarded!), so have no worries in your play!

- 100 Words/Levels to complete
- 10 "Level Selection" pages
- 3 gameplay modes, two of which are unlocked through play
- 10 Game Mode Action Types, such as "Spell The Word", "Identify The Word", and "Platformer"
- Over 200 vocal clips
- Approximately 70 "sound effects" samples
- (Mostly) Unoriginal Soundtrack featuring 100 songs, over an hour and a half in length
- Al the Alien, the award-winning NPC/AI who will guide you through your learning objectives
- COMING SOON: Exploration guide of tips and tricks to getting the most out of Learn 100 Words

Original Program Description:
Learn 100 Words: One At A Time!

Welcome to Learn 100 Words: One At A Time Edition © 2015! In this program, you will select one of 100 possible words to learn, each hidden behind a number representing the categorization of it for both purposes of record keeping, as well as that of keeping the 100 words available as a bit of a surprise to be learnt by you, one at a time!

The goal of each game, you can call them, is to establish your understanding of the word on display. How you do this varies. Sometimes you must answer a quiz. Sometimes you must think hard about how to go outside of the box and really understand. Each "game" shall tell you how to approach it so that you do not need to play them in any order to grow understanding, it will come over time naturally.

If you are ever caught struggling, you may be asked to have the "game" offer you a hint, which can be paused and replayed at will with no penalty. So do not worry about pressing it as often as needed, or even more!

The "games" will also give you pointers on when you have gotten something correct, or have gotten something wrong, so you can experiment and understand the effects your choices have on your progress. And also you may turn off the music and/or the other sounds as you please, if they are distracting or some such.

I hope you greatly enjoy Learn 100 Words: Learn 1 At One Time Edition 2015©!

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This is amazing. I was

This is amazing. I was expecting recycled levels or randomized definitions or some other kind of phoning-it-in, but it's genuinely a thoughtful, gamified computer tutor that teaches you a hundred actual words through levels individually tailored to each word.

I'm about 46 words in. I really like the "hydrozone" level, where you collect coins to gradually increase your jump height. I don't think I've ever actually seen that mechanic before.

As a teacher sometimes, I love the potential of this format. It's maybe not feasible to build levels for every single vocab list, but for the Ten Words You Have To Memorize To Understand The Next Month's Worth Of Concepts, it could be a great mnemonic.

A tour de force.

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The Congratulations screen

The Congratulations screen is heartwarming. ;u;

I really really like your game.

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Thanks!! I'm glad you were

Thanks!! I'm glad you were able to make it to the end :)

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I'm glad you appreciate it

I'm glad you appreciate it so much!! When I recycle levels, I recycle them WELL!! And make it hard to tell they're recycled...

The hydrozone was my favourite platformer level to make, and I did the "increase your jump over time" thing a couple other times haha. I found it really hard to quickly make good platformer levels, so I'm glad you liked that one!

I don't think a teacher has ever played one of my games... funny that it would be my game that pretends to try to teach you things!! I know I will always remember that a yaffle is a picus veridus or whatever.

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I'm amazed by the quality

I'm amazed by the quality put into into this game's presentation. It wouldn't look out of place on a actual flash/android game. Altough was it intentional that the Pronunciation/Hints were a lot quieter than the sound effects and music?
Anyways, my favourite words were probably Designless and the Anti(dis(establishmentarianism)) trilogy. Also, the way the congratulations segment breaks down at the end is truly mind blowing.

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Thanks!! I spent a while

Thanks!! I spent a while setting up the templates so every frame would look consistently fun. And it was not intentional that the words and hints were quieter than everything else... I tried to do some "volume balancing" to make everything audible, but a lot of the time I ended up just having to try turning the music way down. It was too much work to re-edit every sound file, so it is what it is :X

I'm glad you liked the "establishmentarianism" trilogy so much, when I remembered about those words I just knew I had to do something ridiculous... And I'm hope the congratulations screen was well rewarding :)

PS. can I quote any of this for my review summary blog post?

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Here's my Score Attack!

Here's my Score Attack! Mode! score. I'm sure it could be optimised, this is just to encourage others to take up the challenge:

I only tried this once with a day's break after playing normally, and it amazed me how much the definitions had actually stuck.

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Great score! I don't

Great score! I don't remember what my high score is... but there are many tips and tricks to being a Score Attack! master...
PS. can I quote this for my review round-up?