Shoot em' up

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warning: may be offensive to human

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I like seeing expressionism

I like seeing expressionism informed by the temporary culture in which I exist in the media I'm most fascinated by and which is not entirely afraid to use explicit text as a crutch.

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offensive video gane

offensive video gane

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Yeah it mostly involves

Yeah it mostly involves school-shootings and includes a racial slur.
The description should probably have that in as a content-warning imo.

Solid TED Talk

It reminds me of something happening in the local art scene here in Baltimore. In 2020, the Baltimore Museum of Art will pick up works made exclusively by women.

“You don’t just purchase one painting by a female artist of color and hang it on the wall next to a painting by Mark Rothko,” Bedford told The Baltimore Sun. “To rectify centuries of imbalance, you have to do something radical.”

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You may enjoy this talk as

You may enjoy this talk as well.
I think it is much, much more interesting than the TED talk.

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