Dog Gone Big is about a dog that keeps growing! He's a polite dog, though, and doesn't want to bump into anyone. If you bump into any people, the game is over!

Run to pause your growth, bark to make people turn the other way, and eat hot dogs to shrink back down!

How many hot dogs you eat is also the score.

Outside of the game is a tale of two friends who grow up together, and then grow apart.

Arrow keys to move
X to bark
Z and an arrow key to run

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The way this progressed was

The way this progressed was so nice, and really caught me off-guard. I'll avoid being specific so I don't spoil anyone here, but my sentiments are echoed in a number of comments on the Ludum Dare page anyway.

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This is really lovely.

This is really lovely. Really dig your approach to the structure here.