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game for drob
and the theme was:

And indeed: humans get evicted and turn to space piracy,
earth's coordinates are lost, and you are out of cash

A mix of Captain Blood and Elite (or at least it attempts to be)
There are 4000 sectors to visit, you can climb ranks, trade stuff,
hunt for treasures (one in each system)
and ultimately buy back earth (once you found it)
.. and uhh.. thats about it

* an XXL treasure is hidden at the space police HQ (that is if you can figure out their number.. i mean sector)
* don't get scammed: not everything in the shop is useful (they not gonna tell you the coordinates: they dont know either)
* if you are totally lost you can still cheat by looking at the source (and feel more lost than ever before )
* buying back earth needs at least 100 treasures .. and/or real good trading skills
* WASD to thrust, Arrow keys to rotate, Space to shoot and Enter to stabilise/stop your ship

* also almost forgot: the game is paused if you are not in cockpit mode (so feel free to take your time)

small potatoes
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The planet crust is rich in Duck

it really is like elite in that i find it kind of bewildering but compelling at the same time

The Search for Earth

Attention all space pirates: the galaxy is wide and earth is hard to find, so lets work together and find earth.

Just like say some range of numbers between 0 and 4000 (or is it 3999?) and search them and then tell us if you find earth. Like this: (0-3999)

So, like


Captains log: I haven't found earth yet still looking. 21 and counting.

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Subtract 1396 from 3606 to

Subtract 1396 from 3606 to get a sector that will buy Ice Cream at a high price (647 per piece).

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Sector 2017's planet is

Sector 2017's planet is pitch-black, at first I thought it was missing!

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Does Earth look like Earth?

Does Earth look like Earth? Cuz I've been clicking on sectors in order, seeing if the planet looks like Earth, and moving on if it doesn't.

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ROT13 Vg'f n fcurer jvgu na


Vg'f n fcurer jvgu na Rnegu grkgher, fb lrf.

(V tbg srq hc ybbxvat sbe Rnegu fb V ybbxrq va gur fbhepr pbqr gb svaq gur frpgbe vg'f va)

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I did the same thing! I

I did the same thing! I actually really like the source code. The comments are like a personal diary, and the govList, habitantList, and mineList are gold.

For the fellow lazy, here's Earth's coördinates: frira fvk fvk