Super Fast Racers 20000 - Retro Nostalgia Edition

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Basically a "port" of Super Fast Racers 20000 for Klik & Play. Arrow keys to move.

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An event


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New Record!

2,444,817 Distances!

This (slower?) version allows you to take in a lot more of the game in one play-through. Totally satisfying "Speed Racer" vibe when you see other cars crash into the obstacles - especially when you pass an obstacle and almost immediately hear an explosion once it moves off-screen...meaning someone behind you bought it! Also shades of the bike gang fight in the beginning of "Akira." Such an excellent vibe from this game (and its progenitor).

You chose great background music for this one, too! And it's not diminished with a constant engine sound - which lends a different quality to the game in the previous iteration. Nice work all round. :)