Penguin Racing 3: Capture the Penguin (for Let-Off-Studios)

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Penguin Racing 3: Capture The Penguin was created for let-off-studios. I made it in my favorite engine, Scratch. My computer died 2 days ago so I'm on a brand new computer without my software to make this an executable or flash file, so in the meantime, please click the link to get the Scratch site and then the green flag to launch the game. It's nice and glitchy and I spent far too long making it and I'm pretty sure it will disappoint let-off-studios but, hey, I made it, and making it is half the battle.


WASD and arrow keys to control.
Goal: Get both of your penguins to the boss penguin together to win.
Good luck.

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Thank you!

Hahahah! This is fantastic, bizarre, and full of excellent sounds. You've maintained a splendid explosion-to-penguin ratio.

Much appreciated, and added to my favourites. :)

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Thanks! Then it was all

Thanks! Then it was all worth it!

It's pretty buggy/glitchy, but I'm enjoying the intensity. Maybe I should make it more explosive-y?

The sound score makes the

The sound score makes the game so much more intense than I'd imagine your cartoony world could be. However, I will never turn down the opportunity to see (and hear) more explosions.

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yeah i usually do ambient-y

yeah i usually do ambient-y noise soundtracks but i wanted the game to feel super intense because it's not actually that intense, thus the multiplying penguin boss, bro-step music. maybe in future games an option to turn off the sound!

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Yeah Scratch! I love

Yeah Scratch!

I love everything about how you did the movement.

I like the little bits of randomization that you snuck into most of it. Randomization always makes stuff feel more handmade and less cold-clinical-computery. And the way you changed the angle of the ski slope by changing the range of the random numbers is brilliant.

And the way you change the x-position when we press the Up or Down arrow adds a touch of realism that's missing from most AAA games. Nobody moves exactly in a straight line, so why would videogame characters?

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A general tip, not

A general tip, not necessarily for this game: The obvious thing to do is to set up movement like this

when (right arrow v) key pressed
move (10) steps

but you can get smooth 30fps movement like this:

when green flag clicked
   if <key (left arrow v) pressed?> then
      move (10) steps

It takes longer to set up, but you can keep all your movement under one when green flag clicked block, with separate if blocks for each key, and then store the whole thing in your Backpack for later use.

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(also I have a folder of

(also I have a folder of videogame templates for rapid videogame creation, if you're interested in that kind of thing)

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woah, this is all great!

woah, this is all great! glad to chat with other scratchers. and thanks for the resources.