the opposite of margarine

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the opposite of margarine, take it as you will

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The non-concerns of apathy

The non-concerns of apathy confessed here remind me of a portion of how I've felt about where I am at for the past few months. The feeling of "Shouldn't I be enthusiastic about something?" can flavor my entire day. My favorite part of this game was the option to browse novel photos while experiencing this apathetic line-of-thought; it feels like browsing Reddit or Twitter when I don't feel like doing anything creative. I might have a passing interest that something exists, but I am skeptical that the discovery will inform any broader effort in my life. Sometimes I feel like I'm just looking for hits of novelty while waiting for substantial enthusiasm and this game expressed that pretty well.

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yeah i liked the "essay/thoughts as playable semi-interactive web-project" feel.
more narratives and stories and essays and diatribes and diaries and etc should be published this way.

I can't say I WASN'T

I can't say I WASN'T expecting to see something like this for this "Slice of Life" event. I was definitely hoping to see something like it. At the same time, this defies expectation in a way that almost makes me feel self-conscious (or perhaps guilty) and prone to self-reflection as I play it, and particularly when it abruptly ends. It helps me question why I do things.

Also, it locks up my browser at the end (Firefox). It's a fitting punch-line as is, but I was wondering if it was by design. :)

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it's because there are too

it's because there are too many resources on the end screen, it was initially unintentional but i left it in on purpose, maybe i'll change it if it really leaves people with a sour taste

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nah leave it. I've done

nah leave it. I've done games like that.

We're very similar in our outlook on life. If you message me your address I will send you a death threat.